DJ Levi Lyman

Funky Chicken E.P.

1. Funky Chicken
2. Action

People E.P. (2001)

1. People
2. People Dub

Sven Tech & Atom- Beat The Box E.P. (2000)

1. Beat The Box
2. Beat The Box (Levi's Beatdown Mix)

Team Building Records (2010-Present)

Xiao Tudou

Xiao Tudou comes from under the rock. It is here to feed the marmots and wrap blankets of sound around the sun. It's time has come.

Oroboros (Coming Soon!)
Here is a sample:
Chapped Monkey

Infected (2010)
1. Inventive Plumes
2. Grub Along Little Donkey
3. Twin Melding
4. The Pulse
5. Bel Biv
6. Wigwam
7. The Third Mandible
8. Hoist!
9. One Smart Fellow

Bernie & LeTron

The Facts Of Life (Coming Soon!)

Magnum Turnstyle

Magnum Turnstyle was born on the back of a truck in 2001 in Oakland, Califonria and raised on a healthy diet of science funk, electronic jet clunk and backwoods robot junk. This duo recently picked up and migrated to Shanghai, China in search of the lost golden llama rhythms of the Tang Dynasty. Their commitment to altering sound is an endless journey of mind bending beats and melodies across vast audio (sur)realities. Magnum Turnstyle is Shaj & Lopan.

Wu Ke Captain (Coming Soon!)
Here are a few samples of the work in progress...
Holy Shitfire!
Alone In Space

French Rodeo Science (2002/2012 Re-issue)
1. Silencio
2. Prelandra
3. All Britches
4. Urgent Topography feat. Yanamore
5. Wiggle Your Toes
6. Three Point Chinstrap
7. Drowsy Birds
8. Opal People feat. Buddy Wakefield
9. D.S.S.
10. Quill
11. Bladder Control
12. Kid Nifty
13. Fear Is The Mindkiller
14. Prelandra feat. Yanamore (Digital Exclusive)

Random Magnum sketches, outtakes and half baked beats for fun:
Descent Into The Multiverse
Shajy Ya Magellan


Full length album coming soon.

Live At JZ Club (2010)
1. Come Into My World
2. Beautiful
3. Though Even Though
4. Some People Lie
5. So Lonely
6. Don't Ever Lose Your Soul
7. You Set Me Free
8. Love Me All Night Long
9. Today
10. I'm Uncivilized
11. Nicholas
12. It's Easy To Hide


Coming from the lower left quadrant of Magnum Turnstyle, Lopan funks it up with his smooth low key grooves.

Full length debut album coming soon.

Scruffy E.P. (2010)
1. Scruffy
2. A Strange World
3. Time...
4. Indobetan

Daphne Dance Partner

Spandex Ballet (Coming Soon!)

Erotic Glue Factory

Untitled (Coming Soon!)


Untitled (Coming Soon!)

Tea Records (2002-2004)

Tea Records was a Beijing based record label, focused on fusing electronic music with traditional Chinese instruments. Below are samples of some of the many demos created for that label.

Llama Hop
Young Face East
Captain Nemo
Altitude High
Devil's Dub
The Long Way Home
Mani Mani
Dragon Drop
Beijing Winter
Quick Mood Sketch
Kettle Burn
Groove 9

Higher Vibrations Productions (1997-2002)

Higher Vibrations was created with fellow music fanatic Jon Berardi. Higher Vibrations worked with local Oakland artists to produce music ranging from hip-hop and R&B, to down tempo and spoken word.

Mozart- Mozart's Politics (2001)

1. Politics
2. Cali My Way feat. Latoya
3. Episode
4. All Around You feat. Seabron
5. Runna Love
6. Love Is A Lost Art
7. Seein' Double
8. Close Range
9. I'm Leavin' feat. Zealous
10. Trials And Tribulations feat. Zealous, Haraj & Gino

Trials And Tribulations: The Spectrum Of Sound Sampler Compilation (2000)

Spectrum Of Sound was a group of hip-hop and R&B artists from around the Bay Area. This compilation was created to showcase their talents. All songs written and produced by Higher Vibrations and True Knox.

1. Mozart- Seein' Double feat. Zealous
2. Mozart- Cali My Way feat. Latoya
3. Seabron- If You Were
4. Higher Vibrations- Coltrain
5. Zealous- Feels Good
6. Mozart- Runna Love
7. Higher Vibrations- Quill
8. Haraj, Mozart & Zealous- Conversation
9. Mozart & Zealous- Where Them Girls At
10. Higher Vibrations- Close Range feat. Mozart
11. Mozart & Zealous- For Love Of The Game
12. Haraj, Gino & Mozart- Catch Me
13. Mozart- All Around You feat. Seabron
14. Higher Vibrations- Mantra
15. Mozart- Love Is A Lost Art
16. Mozart- Trials & Tribulations feat. Haraj, Gino & Zealous

Higher Vibrations- NBA (2000)

These 4 tracks were written for the NBA to hype up the crowd during basketball games.

1. George
2. The Dirty South
3. B Ball Disco
4. Chester's Basketball

Buddy Wakefield- A Stretch Of Presence (1999)

Buddy Wakefield is the two-time Individual World Poetry Slam Champion featured on NPR, the BBC, HBO’s Def Poetry Jam, and most recently signed to Ani DiFranco’s Righteous Babe Records.

A Stretch Of Presence
1. Some They Can't Contain
2. A Little Ditty Called Happiness
3. Strength So Strong
4. Cannonball Man
5. Opal People
6. Middle Distance
7. All The Time
8. Marbles In The Trees
9. My Point Forever Endlessly
10. Now
11. A Little Ditty Called Happiness (Live)
12. Marbles In The Trees (Live)

Higher Vibrations- Unreleased Goodies: Sketches, Instrumentals & Lost Ideas (1997-2002)

Close Range (Instrumental)
Vastus Media
Quick & Fantastic
Com 1.2
He's A Genius feat. Fractured Poets (J. Scanlon & D. Jenkins)
He's A Genius (Instrumental)
JB One
JB Two
Demented Cruise
Phat Steve
Fun With Mel
Zero Pants
LoFi Wash
Muchos Itiemos
NS Downtempo

Levi & J3- Lampin' At The Plaza (1997) Journeys Through Funk (1997)

Lampin' At The Plaza and Journeys Through Funk are continuous mixes of music ranging from down tempo to house. They were a pair of experiments created in the Musician's Institute using 1 turntable, 2 ADAT 8-tracks, outboard effects racks, a microphone, samples, a box of vinyl, and a 12 channel mackie mixer. Both projects were mixed live. Below are samples of some tof the highlights of these experiments.

Lampin' At The Plaza
Journeys Through Funk

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